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December 22, 2008 / stephaniehanart

Possible Show for Spring

I showed my doll paintings at the little cafe in Bergamot Station in LA last spring, and I had a brainstorm for another possible show there. The idea came from this fun exercise my graphic designer friend Julie Schneider cooked up–a postmarked art thing where one artist starts a piece, then hands it off to the next person to add their portion, etc etc and at the end is a completed piece of work that’s been touched by several people. It was really fun, and in the final piece I worked on I added a drawing of a rooster, which I think turned out quite handsomely. I don’t know what prompted me to choose a rooster, but it’s one of those weird brain flashes. You can see the piece here:

The rooster was so much fun to do I thought it’d be cool to do a bunch of chicken images on all different sizes of paper, and do a large grouping. Then I thought of the little cafe, which is a good venue for art like this, so I contacted the lady who does the art shows there and she said she liked the idea. She has just check what the availability is, but I’m hoping it’ll be around spring so I can call the show “Spring Chickens.” I know–cheesy, but I like the idea of it 🙂


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