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January 14, 2015 / stephaniehanart

Volunteering at the LA Art Show 1/14/15

I’ll be at the LA Art Show tonight (7-11pm) working as a volunteer at this exhibit from fellow LA Art Association artist J. T. Burke:

The Paradise Circus Los Angeles 2015

LAAA’s presentation of J.T. Burke’s immersive sculptural installation, The Paradise Circus Los Angeles 2015 is an ambitious allegorical work using music, photography and his uniquely collaged visuals as a way of processing fundamental and deeply personal questions about religion, the afterlife, exclusionary orthodoxies, ritualized behaviors and shared mythologies. The Paradise Circus Los Angeles 2015 is a 16′ tall, metal and canvas structure designed to be a mash-up of confession booth, cathedral steeple and circus tent. The Circus is wrapped inside and out with his unique style of digital imagery that combines photos of vintage costume jewelry into colorful and elaborate new forms. Viewers are invited to enter the interior booth, kneel and open the slider to witness Paradise. Burke characterizes the The Paradise Circus Los Angeles 2015 as “a lighthearted lampoon of traditional religious mythologies, and a gentle poke at institutional rituals and strict orthodoxies”.

In conjunction with his ambitious Paradise Circus installation, artist J.T. Burke is offering 2 limited edition prints to commemorate the launch of the project. Each edition is limited to 20 signed prints; you can order them here:



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